We are a FIRST Robotics Team based out of Romeo High School in Romeo, Michigan. Our team was seeded by a grant from FIRST in Michigan. This grant provided the money to get our team going in the 2010-2011 school year. Now it’s up to our team, community, school, and sponsors to keep our team going and growing.
Our team is committed to partnering with business, industry, and professional mentors to give our kids the experiences and real world application in Science, Technology, and Engineering. It’s not just about building robots—it’s about working with students to push their boundaries of learning beyond what they will experience in the classroom. It’s about getting our students to work as a team, under strict deadlines, to accomplish something that these kids have never done before.
Starting this FIRST Robotics Team has been the easy part— the work is in keeping it and making it grow. Will you help?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989 to encourage high school students to get involved in science and technology. It is a non-profit organization that consists of over 2,000 teams and organizes numerous competitions. The competitions consist of games or tasks that change from year to year.  See the FIRST website.

Build Season Ends with Minutes to Spare

The Byting Bulldogs “bagged” their competition robot with minutes to spare on the night of February 18th at their play field facility at Custom BioGenic Systems. The build season began on January 4th with the last six weeks being a roller coaster of ups and downs as the team designed, prototyped and built a robot that would par-ticipate in this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition game—Aerial...(More)

Byting Bulldogs Compete at Waterford for 4th Year

The Byting Bulldogs opened up their fourth year of competition at a familiar venue, Waterford Mott High School, where the FIRST Waterford District competition is held. The Bulldogs have attended this event each of the four years since the team was founded. After being District Champions in year one, the Byting Bulldogs placed in the semi-finals in years two and three. Would the Byting Bulldogs...(More)